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Drawing from his expertise as both an estate-planning attorney and CPA, Jeff puts his business savvy and legal expertise to work for you. He delivers thoughtful and well-planned legal strategies that meet your goals and objectives. With fresh perspectives on a variety of legal matters, Jeff counsels individuals and emerging businesses in

Estate Planning

Critical to a sound estate plan is a Will. Yet, a majority of Texans either do not have one or have one that is outdated – often worse than not having one at all! Jeff is well versed in developing strategies to achieve your desired goals. He advises clients in the areas of Wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and directives to physicians. If your goals include probate avoidance and addressing future incapacity, you need an expert on your team. Jeff’s extensive knowledge and practical understanding means you have a valuable partner at your side, providing you the confidence to enjoy life at any stage, from young families to retired seniors. Jeff’s outstanding reputation for complex and sophisticated gifting strategies has earned him the respect and trust of some of Houston’s leading families, often working with many generations.

Asset Protection Planning

In the highly litigious world in which we live, it is a real possibility for successful business owners and health care professionals to face legal action. With foresight and keen knowledge of Texas law, Jeff works with clients to protect their assets and guard their businesses before litigation occurs. His proven track record of success means you are well prepared in advance – for whatever comes your way.


Jeff Kaplan brings a non-litigator’s approach to advising clients in the complicated probate process. There are many conditions that impact probate including the presence of a valid Will, size and assets of the estate, estate solvency, and more. Jeff is highly qualified to address any probate issue from advising executors through the probate process, to preparing complex estate tax returns and the timely distribution of estate assets. Jeff’s sensitivity to issues that arise for beneficiaries means your interests will be well represented.

Business Succession Planning

By nature, business owners are interested in growing their enterprises. But years of hard work, determination and sacrifice can come to an abrupt end when the business owner dies or becomes disabled leaving more questions than answers. Jeff Kaplan counsels emerging and established businesses in Business Succession Planning. Jeff’s business savvy coupled with his legal skills are at work for business owners in areas which may include Buy Sell Agreements, grooming children or employees to take over the business, and selling the business.


What will happen if you become legally incapacitated? Who will manage your finances, care for you and your minor children, or run your business? What will happen if your child or another loved one becomes incapable of making health, personal or financial decisions? For many individuals, lack of planning means important decisions like these are left to court-appointed guardians. A guardianship is an expensive, highly emotional legal process and should only be created as a last resort. Drawing from more than a decade of legal experience, Jeff Kaplan works with clients to avoid Guardianships, or prepare for it when it is inevitable. His sensitivity to this critical estate planning issue gives you the peace of mind to know that your future is on solid ground.

Tax Services

Tax laws are complicated and burdensome. Moreover, recent tax law changes have altered the landscape for many individuals and businesses. Keeping abreast of these new laws can mean significant savings for you and your business. As both a CPA and attorney, Jeff’s practical understanding of tax issues gives you the edge to achieve favorable tax results. Closely monitoring tax changes, Jeff counsels individuals and business owners about options to achieve their objectives.

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